Three decades ago WP Lavori in Corso established an aesthetic and business model that has not only brought them years of success, but has also helped to define the way in which an entire generation think about clothing and design. Of those companies that still maintain a historical significance, only a handful are noted for their contemporary value; many have lost their way among changes in popularity, trend, and influence.

There are, however, those like WP Lavori that continue to offer something unique to their customer: a compass to guide in the search for authenticity, relevance, and quality. Thanks to the continual research the company has undertaken, the relationships they have nurtured, and the visibility and influence they have maintained, WP Lavori in Corso remains as vital and vibrant in 2012, as in 1982; the year of its birth.

A look back at WP Lavori in Corso, and the journey, mission and people that have made the company what it is today. Celebrating the 30th anniversary by looking into the past, with special focus on the last ten years; friends, partners and collaborators. In the 30th year from its inception, WP Lavori decided to tells its story in a book, THIRTHY YEARS OF RESEARCH IN STYLE and decide to partner with the Canadian team of Inventory, one of the most interesting editorial realities recently appeared on the international scene, that created and edited the project. WP selected Inventory as partner on this project because of thir capability to catch the soul and personality of the actors behind the business, creating and intimate dialogue and representing the company trough an external and independent point of view

From the designers WP have worked with, the brands it has bought and introduced to new markets, and the people behind WP Lavori that make it work every day, the book showcases the Italian company, their attitude, aesthetic and tastes, along with the people that WP respect in the industry. The representation of this journey and of WP is today is done through the interviews to the real people behind the business and the story: from the founder and president Cristina Calori, to the Creative Director Andrea Canè and the Art director Luca Caccioni, from the talents WP worked with, as Daiki Suzuki, Mark McNairy, David Mullen, Kenichi Kusano, Tokito Yoshida, Eichiiro Homma, Takashi Tatsumi, to the “visionary” that WP feels highly influential in inspiring the vision and mission, sharing a commitment to the very best in design and quality on a global scale, as Yo Shitara, Yuzo Yagi and Keizo Shimizu, presidents and founders of Beams, Yagi Tsusho and Nepenthes respectively.

Alongside the features on brands from around the world, the book also showcases some of the work WP has done inside Italy. Highlighting their retail stores, main offices and showroom in MIlan, the book takes the readers on a photographic journey through the heart of WP Lavori.